Passier Fortuna Double Bridle


Simply Attractive

The flat Libra and Taurus Double Bridles from the Passier Basic Line are particularly attractive looking and elegantly styled. Both bridles have a Passier Caveson Special and a strikingly attractive overall impression. The Libra Double Bridle convinces at a glance with its strass crystal browband, the Taurus Double Bridle has a classic style, padded browband.

Leather: Finest Passier bridle leather

Features: Passier Caveson Special, available with stainless steel or brass fittings, 2 pairs of plain leather reins, bridle reins with leather hand grips

Sizes: Pony size, cob size, full size, over size

Colors: Black, Havana

Art. no. 640 Taurus Double Bridle (Padded Browband)