Passier Boston Double Bridle


Exceptionally Exquisite

The Boston Double Bridle from Passier’s Exclusive Line exceeds even the highest demands. The exquisite round double bridle is equipped with the popular Passier Caveson Special. The removable head piece padding makes this double bridle especially comfortable for the horse. Each individual bridle convinces by means of its exceptionally special craftsmanship – as is to be expected with a genuine one-of-a-kind made in Germany. The Boston Double Bridle is Passier quality at its best.

Leather: Finest Passier bridle leather

Features: 2 waved browbands (1 x round, 1 x with strass crystals), removable head piece padding, round Passier Caveson Special, the color of the noseband padding can be selected, available with stainless steel or brass fittings, 2 pairs of plain leather reins with round fronts, bridle reins with one side rubber