Passier Trense Scorpius, Pearl Rosé Luxury Edition


Simply Horse-Friendly

The flat hook stud style snaffles Scorpius and Aquarius from the Passier Basic Line are especially easy on the horse. The head piece is softly padded, and the caveson head piece is attached to the bridle head piece. As a result, the pressure on the horse’s poll is consistently decreased. Both bridles are available with a flash noseband, a Passier Caveson Special, or a dropped noseband.

Leather: Finest Passier bridle leather

Features: Padded head piece, optionally with flash noseband, Passier Caveson Special, or dropped noseband, available with stainless steel or brass fittings, available with narrow web bridle reins with leather hand grips and stops, laced reins or Eventa Rein® rubber reins

Sizes: Pony size, cob size, full size, over size

Colors: Black, Havana

Art. no. 665 Scorpius Snaffle (Browband with Strass Crystals)